Day 212: Mirrors and Photographs

Wondering if anyone else has issues with mirrors…? Mirrors break me down. At times I avoid eye contact with myself. I find that my screaming sessions regularly occur when I have to face myself eye-to-eye. In these times, I get distraught seeing life in my eyes and seeing the memory of Mark’s eyes without. So unfair for someone so full of life to be without. He was my rock and my happiness; my everything.

I have a hard time with photographs at times as well. I recognize the moments and have the memories; it all seems a dream…. a dream better than I ever could have imagined… The couple looking back from the photographs is so blissfully happy, so deeply in love, and so unaware of future events.


One thought on “Day 212: Mirrors and Photographs

  1. Ah, photographs, the constant reminder of a happier time. Mirrors only reflect the brokenness of who remains. I remember in the first 3 months I couldn’t look at myself. I hated who I was and was pissed as hell that I had to continue on when all I wanted was to disappear also. Photos are still tough for me after a full year. But more so because that life is foreign to me. Picking your chin up and continuing to live sounds so easy but damnit it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.


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