723: Babies

We had been trying for kids for a couple years with no luck. We’d been to through the medical testing and told nothing was wrong. We’d been given a prescription for fertility pills but hadn’t filled it yet. 

I wanted so much to give him children. For us to make a family of our own. To raise them with him. “Our kids will be so smart!” “Our kids…” “Our kids…” “I can’t wait to teach them [this] or [that]”… We dreamed of them for so long and couldn’t wait to meet them. He wanted four… I was leaning towards two. We had their names picked out already. We had everything in place and were fully prepared to bring them into the world.

And now it’s just me… Curled up with our never-to-be baby’s quilt, alone on Mother’s Day. 

Miss you sweetheart, every single day.