Cleaning up

I made some progress tonight. I haven’t been able to use the basement much… It’s my hubby’s man cave and it essentially became a dumping ground and laundry area… I had tried to make some progress in there last year (and suppose I did at the time) but since, the stacks of filing and shredding just grew since I didn’t want to sit there to do it. … So did the piles of things I wasn’t able to deal with yet. 

I can’t even remember what I went downstairs for tonight… Then there I was, starting into the piles of papers and plastic bins covering the floor. (Who knew after all this time that the floor still existed…!) If the darn shredder didn’t overheat so often I would have gotten it fully completed. I know I’ll have to sort through all of his files at some point, but instead, last year I bought a big filing cabinet so I can have them nicely filed away until I’m ready to tackle them. 

I know now that I cannot leave the basement as it is if I plan to stay here. I had painted his office up for him and we both loved it, so that will remain, but the rest has got to change. I also wonder what to do with the extra bedrooms that sit ready for guests and our planned family… I rarely have guests to use them and the dream and attempts of starting a family together simply didn’t pan out the way we had hoped and planned……. No one ever hoped or planned for this outcome…….

…. So a little progress feels good… Most of the time I don’t feel prepared to tackle his things, and I think it’s good to not feel pressured into doing it… One step at a time… Doesn’t matter how long it takes.