788: The Closet

I finally did the next phase of sorting through my husband’s clothing closet… Three piles: ‘to keep’, ‘to send’, and ‘to donate’. 

For some reason I couldn’t touch his work clothing yet, but the remainder has been completed. 

I know this house is too big for me, so I will continue to sort through both his and my belongings to downsize… I’m not ready to sell or move, but I am at least in a place where I’m able to make some more decisions than ‘I must keep it all.’

783: Trust your instincts. 

I had hoped on making some big trips this year during the nice weather. I gradually kept decreasing their grandeur until I was left with short visits that I felt I could manage on my own. Even that has proven to be difficult, as I cut my visiting down by multiple days after experiencing a meltdown hours away from home. Thankfully it was while visiting very understanding friends who weren’t offended by my quick departure. Others, however, still amaze me with their insensitive comments… “you have to move on” or “you can’t feel like that“. Don’t tell me how I can or cannot feel. I have made such progress in the day-to-day, have made some new friends, and have positive hobbies to occupy myself, yet the moment I creep back even just for a day, I am berated for having feelings. I am allowed to feel whatever I need to feel whenever I need to feel it