Advice of the post: Watch the length of time you agree to host. …if it’s any more than 3 days/2 nights, seriously reconsider. 

So… Awhile back I agreed to host my friend’s father from New Zealand for a few weeks. His wife had passed a few years ago and he said he’d like to offer whatever support he could while he still could. I thought it was very nice of him. 

For awhile, it gave me something to focus on planning for and I thought it would be fun to return the favour of showing someone around my country. 

….Boy was I wrong. 

Besides the fact that we have nothing in common to discuss (which surely can come with 45 years difference in age), he is the most unenthusiastic/unappreciative guest I have ever had. I have driven over 30 hours to take him to the sights (which in itself is a massive ordeal for me since I only made my first drive over 2 hours a couple months ago) and each place’s response is simply “yeah” when asked what he thinks of it. WHAT…THE…FUCK…!

On top of it all, he’s right about EVERYTHING. ….PLUS he won’t fix his hearing aids to the right level so I’m repeating every fucking thing I say and yelling to boot just for him to hear me. 

I have been breaking down crying regularly whenever I’m alone and am having a hard time even speaking to him. A friend has been really great to help me out by giving me small breaks away from him and grabbing tickets to the same events to ease the tension. The next four days cannot go fast enough leading up to the overseas guest’s departure.  I just want to crawl up into a ball in my room with the door closed and leave him to his own. 

So please…. Regardless of thinking it may be a good idea… Regardless of thinking they would understand and be sympathetic to your situation… Do not agree to have someone in your home who is depending on you for their transportation and entertainment (even if you don’t expect them to be dependent – I certainly didn’t!). It’s not good to be debating your own demise to escape their company.