543… Missing my Mister

Positive feedback of ‘you’re getting through the days and learning to live with always missing him’ doesn’t sound overly positive… In a sense it is, because there’s no way I could survive like the first months for years on end… Though continually missing your One And Only each and every day without being able to reach out to them in any way remains excrutiating. Our house and my arms are still awaiting his imaginary return from beyond where we can continue the beautiful life we shared. 

‘How do you do this?’ … I think we all question one another of how it’s done while we, ourselves, stumble along, not realizing everyone else is stumbling too. 

I go through moments where I think I know who I am, but the fact remains that I am still broken and without my most favourite piece; I am not sure I will ever find myself again. 

Missing you constantly, every day and every night. Always yours mykylyhyswy


One thought on “543… Missing my Mister

  1. I bought a really nice leather journal a few days after my husband’s funeral and I designated it as our own private way of “communicating” as best we could. I would write him letters as if he were actually going to read them and share things about my day, or just rehash memories I have of him. The journal became my way of talking to him so to speak and I know it can never possibly take the place of a warm body but it was something that helped a little.


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