Hospital visit part 2

After over two hours of the first waiting room, I got sent to the same area as where Mark had to go for breathing issues. They would always send him home without helping, or misdiagnose. I sat in a chair in the second waiting room and immediately started into an anxiety attack. I went to the nurses station and broke down while saying I couldn’t be there. They put me in a hallway (literally just around the corner), where I hyperventilated and cried uncontrollably. I tried to focus on my breathing and kept rocking in my seat. No attempt on anyone’s behalf to assist me or calm me down, or even bring me Kleenex when I started choking. 

After some time, and I was just getting worse (let alone the issue I went in for), I told them I couldn’t stay anymore; that it was just too much. Well voila – the doctor just happened to pick up my chart at that exact moment. (What a ‘coincidence’.) They gave me a shot for pain and kept asking me if they could give me one for ‘my state’ since I was now shaking horribly throughout my entire body. Upon my refusal, they continued by asking me why and trying to convince me that it would be helpful. (Sure it would be helpful – they wouldn’t have to listen to me anymore!)

…after three hours, an upsetting event, a complete anxiety attack, X-rays, and a pain shot, I’ve been sent home with a script and told to do the exact thing that got me in this position in the first place. …thank you for impressing once again, healthcare system… You never cease to amaze. 

Wish I had just stayed in bed. 


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