Mrs. Vs. Ms.

I received an invite to a wedding today under the title of ‘Ms.’.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find this very insulting. I know it was unintentional to insult, but I can’t help feeling that way. As if us as widows haven’t had enough bullshit, this is just another one to add to the list. 

I didn’t divorce, I didn’t choose this, I simply was the one who didn’t die. Why should that make me into a Ms instead of the Mrs I consider myself?! It’s like my in-laws who insist on sending mail to me in my maiden name (how fucking insulting is that!!). I took my husband’s name upon marriage, I became a Mrs., and in no way should this stop me from remaining Mrs *enter husband’s name here*. 

So Fuck ‘Em!! I’m a ‘Mrs.’ dammit, and no one can force me otherwise!


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Vs. Ms.

  1. Ugh people! I’m so sorry that happened and it’s happened to me too. But I will always be MRS. Badass whether anyone likes it or not! The only other title I will accept is The Dowager Badass. Because it just sounds cool. Hugs to you!!! ❤

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