Award Night

I created an award in my husband’s name at the local college. Tonight was awards night. I was the presenter of the award. 

Last year as I sat through the awards ceremony, there were many new memorial awards. Having lost Mark just weeks prior, I was in tears the whole time and in awe of the family members who were able to stand in front of hundreds of people (despite crying) and express their love and honour of presenting in memoriam. 

This year, it was my turn. I tried writing a speech last week and kept breaking into tears. Finally, I managed to get it together on Sunday eve while simply laying in bed. …Writing was hard enough… And the next step was presenting?! How in the world…!! 

As expected, it was rough getting started when on the stage… I stammered and took a few moments before I was able to speak. Thank goodness I had my speech prepared so I could simply focus on reading. With many compliments after, I was told it was the perfect combination of love, tears, and humour; what a relief!

It was incredible to get to speak of Mark to so many people and ‘introduce’ them per se. …to speak of his passion and what an incredible man he will always be. …such an honour to be his wife and be loved by him. 

I hope you felt truly honoured tonight, my Love… 


3 thoughts on “Award Night

  1. What a huge accomplishment for you….. you should be extremely proud of yourself and what you have been able to do.

    My youngest daughter is heavenly involved in sport and an award was created at her club to honour my husband. The first year it was presented only 2 months after his passing. I was asked to present but declined. I attended and watched as the president of the club choked up as he presented the award. Last year I wasn’t even able to bring myself to attend. This year… yes I hope we will be there, but I still am not in a place where I can imagine presenting the award. So for you to do this…. you have inspired me greatly.

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    • I didn’t think I was in a place to be able to either! It feels good having been able to; I’m glad I could inspire. Take your time – maybe this year you can attend, and maybe another year you’ll be able to present. One elderly lady who has an award in her husband’s name simply stands on the stage and shakes the recipient’s hand while leaving the speaking to someone else. Lots of options to build up to one day you feel more comfortable 🙂

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