The Garden

Last year one of our last household tasks together was getting the garden planted for the season. My husband, despite not being a green thumb and not liking most veggies, had some ideas on how to grow tomatoes better. Being frustrated with them from years prior, I left the tomatoes completely up to him. I remember his intent on picking out the best little tomato plant at the store, and I giggled as he built a mountain of dirt for his plant that towered above everything else in the garden. 

After he passed, I strictly followed his specific instructions on how to care for his plant. …although he didn’t get to witness his success, he was right – his plant grew to be approx 6 feet tall and had over 50 tomatoes at a given time that were huge. It needed 5 full sized tomato cages to hold it up! I was convinced he was giving it some special magic from beyond because in no world had I witnessed one grow so big. In only needing one single slice for a toasted tomato sandwich, there was definitely an overabundance. I was convinced that this was his way of making sure I ate, as I was having a hard time getting much of anything down but then was refusing to let a single tomato go to waste since he specifically grew this plant just for me. 

Normally I would start seeds in the house around March because I was too excited about spring approaching. Each day both of us would excitedly check what was growing and he would always ask me “how are your pea pods?” …this year I could not face planting any early in the house, despite that I rarely use the kitchen table anymore anyway. I didn’t know if I would be able to plant anything once the snow disappeared, so no sense in starting anything. 

I managed to get the front flowerbed taken care of – in his favourite colour. The garden, however, continued to sit in wait. 

Finally deciding to spruce up the back of the house with some flowers too, while at the store I came across some “big boy” tomatoes plants at a store we ironically always called Big Boy. How could I pass them up??? 

So flowers, herbs, citronella, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and $100 later, I guess I was going to do it… I’ve never been too good at limiting myself with the garden and my husband would tease me about the ignored need to follow package instructions while planting. (The excuse of “but only half the seeds will actually grow” didn’t work past the first year and 60 zucchini later, lol.)

It’s taken me over a week to pluck up the courage but I am happy to announce that the garden has successfully been planted. The tomato plants are in his special spot and hopefully somewhat meet his specifications. 

Now the waiting game begins…
Love you honey bunny, always yours, mykylyhysycwy xoxoxoxoxo


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