Property Wrath

The house next door is a rental. …a rental to students. There have been some good ones …and some bad ones of course…

Now, I grew up on a farm and due to trespassing hunters, everyone was very protective of their land. Evidently this protective nature has stuck with me and I get irked when our property or belongings are abused or put at risk. 

A few years ago Mark woke up to an empty bed and hearing my voice outside along with a bunch of half drunk students waiting for cabs… They had thrown their empties on our lawn and after my not being able to sleep for hours due to their partying, this was the final straw. I still remember standing out there in pjs yelling for them to shut up and stop throwing trash on other people’s property and Mark arriving at the door telling me to go inside and let him deal with them. 

Well… My fury escaped me again tonight while fireworks were set off 1-2 feet from our gazebo (with fabric covers). There were certainly no niceties from me or an attempt to speak calmly as Mark would do. There was also no Mark to calm me down or to tell me not to call the cops when the kids moved the fireworks to the driveway instead (mildly better but still completely stupid when there’s a big park only 100m away). 

…Just another reminder of how great he was to everyone despite their stupidity. I try to learn from him, but sometimes my fury gets the better of me. 


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