Day 357: Mimosas in the Sunshine

I’d fallen off the wagon of keeping focused enough to keep my head above water. I had spent much of the past couple weeks crying and lost. Somehow I had forgotten how to keep myself going after working so hard at it. 

Today, however, I am feeling more focused (thank goodness!). I am still lost but that’s not about to change; I need to remember that it’s about getting through the current day without worrying about the others. I still have no plans or goals, but today that’s okay. 

I worked half of the day in the office, and the other half was spent at home switching back and forth between home tasks and work in order to keep myself sane. I am very thankful that my job allows me the flexibility; I’m not sure where I would be now if it hadn’t. 

As my focus for work faded, I decided it was time for some mimosas in the sunshine on the deck… Again, not the same doing so alone (and worried I’d lose my newly regained focus again!), but luckily a friend messaged and is coming to join, hooray! 

I keep telling myself: stop thinking about tomorrow and just get through the now. 


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