Day 355: Outdoor Work

I set up our new rain barrel today, Honey! I winged it and it worked 🙂 (well… I guess the true test will be when it rains to see if I levelled it well enough…) We had planned for years to get one… Last week I went to the store for lumber in order to keep myself occupied but came home with a rain barrel and masses of yellow flowers instead. This year the front is all yellow for you, Sweetie. I planted some in the cemetery too… yellow snapdragons so you’ll have music all summer long (“la la la laaa”). 

With the completion of another project, I’m running out of things to do which we had planned… Some of them I’m simply not prepared to do yet (our cowboy party!), however when I look around the house, it’s finished. Yes finished, yet missing it’s most crucial component – you. 
Whenever I finish one of our tasks, I feel happy to ‘show you’ how well it’s turned out. It makes me feel like I am following the right path, and that reassurance is comforting. 

I love love love you, Lover. I miss you majorly, Major. Mykylyhyswy


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