Day 279: Think Before You Speak

So it finally happened…. I finally got a comment of, “I’m so envious that you have a whole quiet house all to yourself all the time.”

Not the words to say to a widow. Not the words to say to a widow who was unsuccessful in having a child with the love of her life after over two years of trying every single month.

I would give anything to be sharing this house with the love of my life still and to have the chance to have our own children making a ruckus throughout the entire thing.


We had the plans, the dreams, the names, the house, the ….everything… We had one another.


One thought on “Day 279: Think Before You Speak

  1. I’m so sorry someone was stupid enough to say this to you. Having a whole house to myself sucks, especially when, like I am now, I’ll and have nobody to bring me a cup of tea, make dinner, do the washing up, keep house. I would love to have company (although it is quite fun being able to wander around starkers and wee with the bathroom door open)


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