Day 278: Cards

Decided to move a couple things to their proper (new) locations tonight… One was a big stack of love cards from me to Mark. I couldn’t resist looking at some (okay, a lot)…
“I don’t know what I would ever do without you and I never want to find out!”
“I am so excited that I get to love you and hold you for the rest of my life”
“Cannot imagine a day without you by my side and I don’t want to!”

So many of our jokes, our nicknames, and so so so so so so SO much love.

I love him just as much today as I did in each one of those cards, as each day we knew one another, as the day I married him, and every single day between.
Despite sitting here widowed and living it each and every day, I still cannot imagine a day without Mark in my life, and I still don’t want to.
How so very much I miss him and wish he were still here by my side.

Love you forever and always, lover. Majorly. Mykylyhycwy


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