Day 265: Your Voice

I speak to you every single day, at home, at work, everywhere. I miss your voice. I miss you so badly.

You’re everywhere and nowhere. After 265 days, I still don’t know how to do this.

Today I bought a picture for the spare bedroom. Besides it feeling very wrong that I was doing this alone, it didn’t feel any better when I got home and held it up to show you, nor when I placed it in the bedroom and asked what you thought of it. I miss your voice, I miss hearing your opinions, I miss your laugh.

Today I read about a job opportunity and am considering applying. I wanted to ask you what you thought. Daydream together of what we would do if we were to move to another city. …how could I leave our home… …how could I not be minutes from our grave where you await…

I miss you, Mark. Every moment of every day and night.

Always yours.


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