Day 210: And Then There Was One… Just One.

I hadn’t thrown up in awhile… Scratch that record… After awhile on the floor, bawling and screaming, I finally managed to get myself into the bed. …as if I’m going to sleep now anyway, and the crying headache is beginning to set in.

I found old loving cards and flower notes where I wasn’t expecting.

Along with the never-ending list… No more special notes, no more special cards, no more special anythings. It’s just me here now. ….Just ….Me.

My heart physically pains. I wonder how it can continue to beat. Surely it can’t. Surely it won’t? Yet here I am. Again …Just Me…

I know there’s no rush, but how on earth am I ever supposed to go through everything in this house?

I feel trapped, I feel option-less, I feel so fucking alone. I miss my one and only. I miss my other half.


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