Day 209: A Ghostly Dream

He was back, he was here, he was carrying on as normal! And finally… he spoke within my dreams instead of just being present! It was odd and interesting the way he didn’t realize that others couldn’t see him; but upon realization, he decided it meant that he could get away without wearing a tie to work. (…odd…ties weren’t part of the dress code anyway.) Once dressed, it was time for him to drive… He was surprised to hear that the car he normally drove was sold. Maybe we could call his old carpool buddy here and he could hop in the vehicle…. Hmm easier said than done… Not only would we need to trick her into stopping here on the way to work, but on the way home as well so that he could unknowingly be dropped off. I insisted I could get to work easily enough without driving, so he could take the remaining vehicle. Of course I’ve moved some things around in the house, so I had to run about find his keys and ID for him. …since only I could see him, I wondered how it would appear – him driving into the office. Would others notice a vehicle seemingly driving itself? What about coworkers seeing his vehicle in the parking lot?

Yes… This is why his things stay where they were. In my mind, he’s here, he uses them, I just cannot see him. It’s why I kiss him good morning and kiss him goodnight. It’s why I speak to him aloud each day. Call me crazy, call me what you will. We are husband and wife, which even death cannot take away. It was amazing to see him and I lay here with a smile on my face that he’s with me. I love him with all my heart and soul. Miss you honey bunny!


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