Day 155: Everything is Broken

…and so continues the curse of the Friday fuckups…

– no hot water
– hot water heater company tries to screw me on a ‘maintenance contract’ and a charge for servicing their own damn tank (no no no, that’s free!)
– not a hot water tank issue; it’s a plumbing issue
– plumbing part I need is not stocked anywhere anymore; a company is going to try to order one but can’t until Monday; if not available, job becomes even bigger
– I smell gas
– I have a gas leak at the furnace / water tank
– …feeling good that the gas leak is now fixed (but I literally have the same issue I had in the first place – no hot water)

– and water is still leaking into the fridge from the freezer
– and the oven isn’t cooking things properly; it’s not an easy-fix oven where I could simply replace an element

Time to learn about our appliances, vehicles, electrical, plumbing, and all that other crap that we had the privilege of not having to deal with previously.

– please, please, please let the washer and dryer continue to function……
– now off I go to shower at someone else’s house.


2 thoughts on “Day 155: Everything is Broken

  1. Nope, can’t like this one. I can only offer commiseration. I have 3 bathrooms, which is even more laughable for 1 person than it was for 2, and each has broken in the last two weeks! I have learned a lot about toilets.


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