Day 151: Irony

Didn’t check the mail today before going into work because I didn’t want to receive any additional bad news.

…So I received a phone call to my cell instead saying there’s mismatched information on government forms submitted by the funeral home. And wrong addresses. And that they can’t do anything for me. And that it’s being sent to a different government department where I will most definitely receive no assistance as well. But they’re sorry they can’t do anything.

I’d been waiting to hear information for over 21 weeks now.

Well thank god they said they’re sorry… Because that just solved all my problems.

Here I stand, without financial support of life insurance, without any sort of survivor’s pension, without personal support, and most depressing of all, without him.


2 thoughts on “Day 151: Irony

  1. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I am in the same exact boat. As if the death of your husband isn’t enough, you know have to fight and argue with agency after agency just to get what you deserve. Please hang in there. I hope this gets resolved for you soon.


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