Day 148: Early Presents

I went shopping today in search for clothes that don’t gape on my body, and Mark ‘insisted’ on buying me a few Christmas presents in case they were sold out later… How sweet! He was always so good to me. No, I haven’t gone crazy… There were specific stores and themes that he always put on his shopping list to get for me, and I didn’t want to feel sad later because what he would have gotten me was sold out. When I debated today on whether it not I should splurge the extra money on something I liked (and would actually fit me properly!), Mark won out in his insistence of being able to spoil the love of his life just because he loved me so.

So go out and let your hubby spidey-senses guide you into purchasing something he wanted you to have; something that he would love to see you open with that giddy smile on your face. You deserve it. You know it, and most importantly, so did he.


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