Day 143: Monday Monday

Monday, dearest Monday… As if Fridays and the weekend weren’t bad enough… You’re the icing on shitcake.

Friday evenings regularly hold the receipt of news that can’t be dealt with until Mon-Fri 9-5. Once I’ve finally gotten myself calmed down enough by Monday morning and convinced myself it’s going to go a lot smoother than I anticipate, …it hits the fan. Wrong again! Get me off this £#€&$ ride!!!

The need to fight for every step of the process, for every insurance coverage being told doesn’t exist (where premiums do!), for the right to grieve, to make it through the hour or day, fight fight fight for everything! It’s exhausting! As if this wasn’t already hard enough to begin with. Day after day, week after week.

I hear it’s tough once all the tasks are crossed off of the to-do list, though I think the lack of unwanted financial surprises will be a good thing. I hope I can remember that when the time comes…


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