Day 132: To my ladies

To: Pumpkin Bay, Missing Jason, Finding the Pieces, thevioletflame…

I don’t know what has made this week different for each of us, but it’s clear that this week has been extra-draining (that’s putting it mildly)…

Amongst the changing seasons, the piling housework, the financial pressures, the unhelpful relationships, the empty house, … and all the other things that load upon the darkness we feel…. I just want to say how thankful I am for each of you. For the words, thoughts, raw honesty, and feelings you share, it is heart wrenching and comforting at the same time. Though we each face our own unique battle, I am grateful that you understand the situation (despite that I hate how you came to have that understanding); I am grateful for the comments you respond with when I cannot see the light; I am grateful that despite being completely alone, I have you, and that helps me make it through to the next hour.

So, thank you…


3 thoughts on “Day 132: To my ladies

  1. Yes, this week seems to have been challenging for all of us but know that you aren’t alone and the rest of us unwilling widows are riding this roller coaster with you. I’ve made so many meaningful connections through this virtual support group and it has helped tremendously…so thank you!


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