Day 131: Recurring Theme Dreams

I constantly dream that I am trying to contact Mark and am unable to do so. In this morning’s dream, it was via telephone. Even texting left a gaping hole in our last contact. As I tried to dial his number, I kept dialing it wrong. This is likely why I woke up – because of course I know it by heart and have for many years, and I was frustrated with myself for not getting it right – it was just causing an additional delay in my getting to speak to the one individual I so crave and dearly miss.
The other variations are: 1. that he’s away visiting, and no one will let me speak to him, 2. we’ve broken up over some minute detail and again no one will let me speak to him. The breakup ones bring me to tears upon waking up. Our relationship was so strong and neither of us had any inkling of ever leaving, but I guess my mind is looking for alternative ways to explain why I haven’t gotten to speak to him. (Who breaks up over a misinterpretation of tax legislation anyway?!?!)

Mark, I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul. “You love me and don’t you forget it!” “You’re stuck with me.” “…like superglue!” Can’t wait to be reunited.


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