Day 116: Positive People

‘Friends who want to be friends, will be friends.’
This is my new motto for the week. As I look around myself, I recognize that there is little to no chance that I can continue to be surrounded by those I once was. I keep allowing people in, only to end up more hurt and with more unnecessary/misplaced guilt. I didn’t do anything wrong, so I shouldn’t have to put up with others treating me like I have. I shouldn’t have to defend the relationship that I held with my husband. We love one another more than anything and lived it every single day.

So… Friends who want to be friends will be friends. They will show it through their actions and words. And those that don’t, don’t matter.


One thought on “Day 116: Positive People

  1. Something that has happened to me throughout this whole nightmare is I have gotten a lot of clarity as far as other people, who they are, and what I can expect from them. It has caused me to distance myself from some people even though I crave company so very much, but I just don’t need drama and negativity. You have the strength to cut out the negative and embrace the positive so in your new life, you are in the best place you can be considering the circumstances. Good luck!


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